All About Warranty

Warranty Information and Requirements

  • Item compatibility is the buyer’s responsibility
  • NO Cash Refund. NO Warranty on freebies, software, adaptors and cables
  • All items/claims for warranty are carry-in. Shipping fee of item to and from our store will be shouldered by customer
  • Mishandled, improperly integrated, physical damage (burnt, dent, cracked, scratches, corrosion) voids the warranty.
  • Tampered warranty sticker voids the warranty
  • Overclocking may void the warranty
  • Defective items for warranty are subject for pull out and RMA services
  • Warranty period of the replacement/repaired item will continue from whatever time period was still remaining from the original item.
  • Monitor warranty: only 5 or more dead pixel/bright spots qualifies for warranty as per manufacturer policy
  • Items for warranty must be complete with original contents/packaging in good condition and accompanied by warranty receipt.

Outright Replacement (Easy Warranty)

  • For items found defective and is under replacement period:
    • If similar item is in stock, item will be replaced immediately
    • If similar item is out of stock:
      1. Customer can wait for similar item to be in stock (no definite time period)
      2. Customer can upgrade to another item of similar type
        • If price of chosen replacement item is greater than the original purchased item, there will be an additional charge equivalent to the difference between the price of two items
        • If price of chosen replacement item is lower than the original purchased item, no refund will be given

Store Warranty / Service Warranty

  • Items found defective and under store/service warranty covers free diagnosis, processing and shipping of defective items to local manufacturer
  • Defective items under store/service warranty is subject for pull-out (will be sent to local supplier)
  • Customer can choose if the store will process the warranty or customer can bring the item directly to service center
  • Local supplier/manufacturer will check if item is eligible for warranty
    •  If eligible for warranty, supplier/manufacturer will decide if they will repair or replace defective item
  • Waiting time period for pull-out items is 30 – 60 days
    • In the event of waiting time exceeds 60 days, store credit will be given equivalent to the amount of purchased item(s) (excluding graphics card and processor)
    • For processor and graphics card, waiting time is up to 6 months (due to shortage)

Distributor’s Warranty

  • Distributor’s warranty is subject for verification with local supplier/manufacturer
  • The store only covers free diagnosis and paperwork processing for items under Distributor’s Warranty
  • If defective item is verified by local supplier and is eligible for distributor’s warranty:
    • Customer can choose if the store will process the warranty or customer can go directly to service center
    • All costs (handling fee, shipping fee, etc) that will incur during the warranty process will be paid for by the customer
    • No definite waiting time period during extended warranty process